Kleinschalig, meer aandacht

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Vaste begeleiders op de groep

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Vier extra dagen per jaar, kostenloos

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één verticale groep

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Aparte ruimte voor oudere kinderen

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Ook uw kind is welkom!

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Veilige, omsloten tuin

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Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje

Kinderopvang in Groningen, wijk Helpman

Your child will feel at home in childcare centre Knorretje (Piglet in Winnie the Pooh). Children have all the space they need in our homy facility, located in a quiet street in the area of Helpman. Inside, it is cozy, small scale and organized. Outside the children can play in the enclosed garden. They can even do some gardening in the small kitchen garden.

You can entrust your child with confidence. Your child will have the same staff throughout the year, so he will always see familiar faces. We get to know your child's development and will provide activities that meet its needs. Older children, from age 2.5 years onwards, have their own room where they can do their own activities. These activities meet their increasing independence and need to develop.

It's no problem if you want to bring your child to childcare for an extra day. You get 4 days extra free of charge in one year. And changing a childcare day is always possible (consult the staff first).

Would you like to have a visit at childcare centre Knorretje? You're welcome. Please make an appointment or call us and we will be happy to show you around.

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Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje
Emmastraat 7
9722 EW Groningen
T: 050 - 280 8724