Application and admission

From first contact to application

We like to invite future parents to visit childcare centre Knorretje and meet the staff. In a first talk we can find out if the child can be admitted on the days/sessions wanted. Minimum care is 2 sessions per week. This is for didactic reasons. By offering a childcare routine, the child gets used to the staff and the other children. Application can be done with this application form.


In our first meeting we will check if the days/sessions wanted can be offered. If this is possible, the parents will receive a confirmation of admission, which means that the process of admitting can start. The admission (and termination) always starts on the first or fifteenth of the month.

After child birth we would like to receive a birth announcement card with which we can make an admission contract. After signing the contract, your child is officially admitted. We have a 2 months' notice.

Getting used to childcare

Approximately 1 month before the childcare contract starts, we will contact you. We make an appointment for a first session of getting used to childcare, for both parents and the child. This appointment gives us the opportunity to ask for the customs and specialties of your child. The second time your child will have a session (morning or afternoon) to get used to the daily routine of childcare.

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