Our fees

In general

Parents, employers and Dutch government pay the costs for childcare together. This is stated in the childcare law of 2005 ("Wet Kinderopvang"). Parents can ask for a childcare subsidy ("toeslag") at the Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst/Toeslagen). Knorretje is registered at the Groningen city council. The amount of subsidy depends on the family income and will be paid monthly by the tax authority.

Advice: make a timely apply for this childcare subsidy.

Our fees

The government subsidizes to a certain hour price. If the hour price of a childcare centre is above this price, the parents will have to pay the difference themselves.

Knorretje calculates the following fees in 2018:

Price per day: € 77,70
Price per session: € 40,70
Price per hour: € 7,40

The monthly price is based on the following calculation: 10.5 hours per day, multiplied with 51 weeks per year, divided by 12 months per year. Payment takes place each month in advance, by means of a preauthorized debit.

Extra care

We are flexible in Knorretje. If you would like to swap a childcare day it's possible. Of course, please consult with us first. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to have 4 extra childcare days per year. We keep record of this by a special card. Always consult with the staff if the extra day wanted is possible. If you need extra childcare, you can buy extra hours. These will be invoiced separately. Childcare includes food, fruit, drinks, diapers and cleaning products. Excluded are vegetables and formula milk. Parents will have to take these themselves.

Trial calculation

Would you like to know what childcare would cost you and how much subsidy you can get? Then make a trial calculation. More information about the tax subsidy can be found on this site:

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