Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje

Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje

Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje is een kleinschalig, particulier kinderdagverblijf, gevestigd in de wijk Helpman in Groningen.

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Vertical group

We run our centre with one vertical group. This means that all children in the age of 0 – 4 years are together in one group. This age variety ensures that children will learn to play with children of different ages. Also, they will learn to have consideration for others. It's our aim that children will have the same nursery practitioners in the 4 years they stay with us in Knorretje. This continuity is very important for the children to be able to have a fix relationship with the staff. Other advantages of a vertical group: children can learn from each other and they can increase their language abilities. Even small quarrels between young children are normal and are important for their development.

Practical information

Children need a structured routine and rules. Therefore, we like to keep the same daily routine in our childcare centre. The daily routine of the babies will follow as much as possible the routine at home.

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Didactic vision

About Knorretje


Kinderdagverblijf Knorretje
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